Thank you VIDA

This morning in my Instagram feed was a post from VIDA and the model was wearing my scarf. It’s one of my favorite South Dakota two-lane images.  There may be an algorithm that puts the designer’s image in their feed.  I don’t know.  It was pretty cool anyway. 

This design is titled “finding your way home“.  Conceptually this is something I believe we spend a lifetime doing, sometimes literally…often metaphorically…always worth the emotional effort.  

What story are you willing to let go of to have a future unlike your past? 

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What if I…


Sentence completion Lisa Lillibridge

This week is now history, next week is sheer potential.


I spilled my coffee in my studio and thought the way it pooled on my drop cloth was really cool.  I was bummed about my coffee but thrilled to get the shot.  I hope you have a week filled with unexpected discoveries.

“Mistakes are the portals of discovery.”  —James Joyce



A LITTLE TAILORING REQUIRED: the story of a jazz musician & a vintage jacket

The last few days I’ve spend some time clearing my head and cleaning out my studio.  I purchased a closet of clothes a few years ago in an estate sale from my friend Funky Frank.  There were some real gems in my purchase. Today I tried on a few sport coats to see what I could have tailored.  I was thrilled to discover a few things in pockets.  So I naturally searched through all of them.  I found receipts, a few coins, a vintage hand wipe cloth and the business card of musician Adam Over from Montreal who apparently plays Jazz Bass. I thought it was so cool that Adam had a card with contact information simply stating that he plays JAZZ BASS.

I wondered about the night when this jacket was worn to a club in Montreal. I’m guessing that after hearing Adam Over the owner of this fabulous jacket needed to have his contact information—perhaps he thought he would need to hire a jazz bass player for a private party in Montreal sometime.

I’ve been doing a lot of sleuthing in the last few weeks.  My life has required it.  I had this realization that little stories like this have meant so much to me my whole life.  And for the record, this striped, double breasted jacket doesn’t require a hug amount of alteration to fit me well.  I just need to have someone nip in the waist and take the shoulders in a bit.

I found a You Tube video of Adam Over playing with Greg Clayton on the street.