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Seek wonder—it is everywhere.


I am quite insignificant in the scheme of the world.


Rest is a sign of strength and self-preservation.

the necessity of micro thinking…

Last night I couldn’t sleep and I realized that I was thinking on such a remarkably, unproductive “macro” level. I then forced myself to slow down and think on a “micro” level.

I couldn’t possibly solve problems, get tasks completed or really do anything at 1:00am lying next to my snoring husband and sleeping cat.  What was required was to rest and restore myself. 

So I created a visualization to think BIG for just a minute and then picture something SMALL that gave me a much better perspective and allowed my brain to settle down.  The first thing that came to mind was the magnolia that is blooming in my backyard now.  It sounds so simple, but it actually was very useful and I quickly fell asleep.

I know that I often get caught in not only thinking too BIG, but thinking too FAST as well.  When I slow down my thoughts I gain much greater insight and think so much clearer.

Just like every other muscle we try to strengthen this too will require some discipline.  In a world that is always telling us to speed up I think our best defense is to slow down and smell the magnolia blossoms.

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adjective mac·ro \ˈma-(ˌ)krō\

1:  being large, thick, or exceptionally prominent

2 a :  of, involving, or intended for use with relatively large quantities or on a very large scale

b :  of or relating to macroeconomics


adjective mi·cro \ˈmī-(ˌ)krō\

1:  very small; especially :  microscopic
2:  involving minute quantities or variations

fatigue • rest • insight

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I, am an insomniac. My brain often doesn’t allow me to sleep. I have, for most of my life considered it a gift that I didn’t need much sleep. But, alas now at the tender age of 47 I find myself not quite functioning as well on 4-5 hours of rest as I did when I was younger…and my creative life is suffering. I wish I could say that this is a new issue for me, but it is not. I walked in my sleep as a kid (sometimes waking with swimsuits on, or having made myself a quart of ice tea, or once even walking home from a “lock in” (allegedly locked in) at my church one block away from my home. That night I didn’t awaken until I was knocking on the door.

I am going to explore the depths of my sleep (and lack thereof) with a cognitive behaviorist who specializes in sleep issues. I am writing about this today because my focus is beyond fuzzy. I couldn’t possibly get to a place of insight right now. So, now I am about to res. I feel quite guilty about resting in the middle of the day. However, I’m a menace to society if I’m driving and not very pleasant to be married to or parented by. FATIGUE. REST. INSIGHT.

I think this is a common problem with creatives. Occasionally I wish that I didn’t see so much potential in everything, but I don’t know another way and all these possibilities keep me awake. I would be curious if this is an issue you’ve dealt with. Please e-mail if you have a story or a trick about what worked for for you. Sweet Dreams.