when wanderlust whispers…





I’m seeing the prairie everywhere.



  1. An intense form of mental concentration or visualization that focuses the consciousness on a narrow subject.

south dakota two lane and graffiti lillibridge sandwich mass boardwalk meeting hwy eighteen south dakota lillibridge brick wall south dakota two lane lillibridge

I love getting hyperfocused creatively.  This lets me rule out all of the other possibilities I get so distracted by all day every day.  So right now—February of the year 2016 my focus is on the prairie.  My ideas have a place to land and someone to explore them with.  This collaborative project is in the conceptual stage, but there’s a guiding principle and that makes all the difference.

I highly recommend, if you haven’t already, to make some choices about where you want to spend your energy.  I did an inventory and I realized that a few things on my list just had to go.  There isn’t time for everything that interests me.  I had to prioritize.  It wasn’t easy, but taking a hard look at my list was pretty eye-opening.

seeking perspective…

I know I ramble about perspective all the time, but it’s so easy to think we are seeing things clearly and rely on our certainty instead of digging deeper or searching for another angle. I liked playing with the mirror image from my photos. I do my best thinking in the car and I love the idea of looking back in my mirror and seeing something new in a different light.

perspective series beach cottage shot

perspectice series italian man

perspectives lillibridge city scene

perspective series cowboy boots

perspective series lillibridge beach approach

Perspective Series