What is courage to you?

I believe right now in American history is an important time to explore what courage means to us on a very personal level.  I’m working on a mission statement for myself, a courage mantra in succinct language I’ll be able to summon when needed.  

I’ve scribbled and doodled and drawn circles and arrows, however, I don’t quite have it yet. I’ll let you know when I do.  I would be curious to know if you have a statement of this nature that you would be willing to share. 

I hope you have a uniquely courageous day. 

2 thoughts on “What is courage to you?

  1. The most courageous person I know is my nearly 47-year-old son who has been a victim of schizophrenia since he was a young teen. That he faces his demons every day with grace, dignity and humor is inspirational to me. The persistence required of him to live a satisfactory life devoid of the usual hallmarks of progress enjoyed by his siblings and friends is testimony to his strength. His is a lonely existence; not many people interact with him regularly, yet he enjoys occasional family gatherings/holidays. His main social outlet is “hanging out” at cafes or bars where he can feel part of a group, yet not have to interact much. He doesn’t drink alcohol, but consumes prodigious amounts of coffee and coca-cola! My admiration of and love for him are boundless; he is my hero.

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