Courage to me is…

listening to my AUTHENTIC SELF even when my SOCIAL SELF is screaming at me to act in accordance with societal expectations and not listen to my inner voice.

AUTHENTIC SELF: who I am at my core, the true substance of what makes me uniquely me, how I desire to live in my heart and soul, who I am when no one is watching

SOCIAL SELF: who I am in relation to others, more protected and very concerned about how others see me, often scanning for what’s appropriate in any given situation, ego

When my authentic self and social self are out of whack, things get pretty weird and I can feel like a fraud.  I don’t want to feel like a fraud.

However, now that I’ve identified what courage is for me, I’m noticing which voice I’m listening to much more quickly.  I think simply noticing is a great first step.

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2 thoughts on “Courage to me is…

  1. I have seen you as a very courageous person, Lisa. The space of freedom you have created by being an artist, the possibility you have given yourself to view things differently from most of us and to share your inner self through your work is a true act of courage. Thank you

  2. I love this, Lisa. So succinct and yet says it all. Really a beautiful way of communicating the concept of authenticity. Thank you!

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