are your barriers real or imagined?

I’ve had a really hard time getting out of my own way lately. So, I asked myself this very question.

OK, Lisa, are they real or imagined?

Damnit, I had to answer honestly…most of them, of course, are imagined.

They aren’t barriers per se, they’re just excuses—everyday run of the mill, tried and true excuses I’ve used for years and years and will continue to use far too frequently. However, now I have to face at least a little personal accountability, especially around my creative goals.

So, what barriers are you willing to bust through to reach your goals?

1 thought on “are your barriers real or imagined?

  1. This message comes at a very interesting and both barrier full and barriers down time of life for me. I am feeling absolutely disoriented. Time for a wall sized chart of what I am looking for….

    Thanks for all these thoughtful messages that become prompts for my own investigation Lisa.

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