Dear 2018…

PrintDear 2018,

I’m going to work on my judgement and I would really appreciate your support.  My stated goal for the new year is to practice some radical acceptance of myself and others.  I heard this term somewhere recently and it really resonated for me.

acceptance defined: the act of accepting something or someone

It’s actually pretty simple according to Merriam Webster…simple in definition only.  Not in practice.  It will require training, diligence and literally biting my tongue sometimes…and I will fail often and try again.

Is acceptance the polar opposite of judgement?   

Don’t we all want the same things—to be loved, feel safe and possess some sense of belonging in this crazy world.  The world seems to be crying out for more connection, not more judgement.

I’ve noticed that my curiosity can smooth the jagged edges of my judgement. When I get curious about people, ideas, choices, places, well…everything, I’m far less likely to judge, because I jazzed about my new knowledge.  Dear 2018, please help me remember to utilize the power of my curiosity.  MORE CURIOSITY = LESS JUDGEMENT

Here’s to 2018 & whatever you choose to do with it…it’s none of my business.



2 thoughts on “Dear 2018…

  1. Hi, Lisa. I love your letter to 2018. I know of “radical acceptance” through Tara Brach’s book with the same name; she has become one of the great teachers of my life. I find it much easier to let go of my judgments of others than of myself. Best wishes for a great 2018. May it be full of acceptance and dancing.

  2. Kirby, thank you for reading. I’m know about Tara Brach, but this term is new to me. I guess concepts come to us at the right times…when we’re ready. I agree with you, it’s much easier to let go of judgement of others than myself. We are all a work in progress, right? I wish you a great 2018 too.

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